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We Can Help You Find Your Perfect Southern California Home

Ternion Real Estate Incorporated (dba California Vacation Villas) is a licensed and insured real estate brokerage capable of representing buyers and sellers throughout Southern California. Working directly with clients or using our strong network of local referral partners, our company combines local knowledge with international reach. Focused on investment minded customers, our wealth of knowledge in the short-term rental business allows us to advise on income potential relative to value and expenses. Our database of over 10,000 past guests also provides an advantage when marketing a property for sale. The vast majority of vacation home buyers rent in an area they are targeting to buy before finding a property that is right for them. Contact us today to discuss the income potential of your vacation home purchase or how we can connect you with the right real estate partner to help you buy or sell your home. CA DRE# 01898085

Are you a Buyer?
California Vacation Villas can help you find the right vacation rental. Whether you are looking to maximize your return on investment or enjoy a nice mix of owner use and rental income, our knowledge of revenue potential from properties of all shapes and sizes could prove invaluable when purchasing your next home. Either working directly with clients or through a trusted network of referral partners, we can guide you on what type of income you should expect from specific properties before you even make an offer. A couple of items you should consider when looking to purchase a vacation rental:

-Is the property vacation rental friendly?
Vacation rental travelers are generally looking for a lodging alternative that maximizes occupancy and creature comforts overstays of 3-10 nights. Open floor plans, appealing outdoor spaces, and en-suite bathrooms are a plus while offices, formal seating and dining areas and shared bathrooms are negatives. Let us give you our opinion.

-Location, Location, Location
The all to common real estate catch all applies to vacation rentals as well. Vacation rental homes are poised to produce income when they are located close to popular events and attractions, restaurants and transportation. While factors like school districts and proximity to business centers or work environments are less important. We can help you determine what works

-Is the city or HOA the enemy?
In some cases, YES. The short-term rental market is regulated at the local level and often by politicians and HOA board members whose interests don’t align with income-minded, out-of-town vacation rental owners. They don’t vote in local elections and often don’t have the capacity or desire to serve on HOA boards. You need a local expert to guide you on what obstacles different cities and communities might present to leasing your property effectively.

Are you a REALTOR?
California Vacation Villas participates with licensed real estate brokers and agents to assist in helping their clients determine potential net income from their vacation home. Whether they are looking to purchase, are considering renting their home for the first time or they have an established vacation rental, we can provide an estimate of net income in both our fixed payment and commission-based leasing programs. Our interest is building a thriving vacation rental leasing and management company and supporting the realtor community.

-How does California Vacation Villas participate with cooperating agents and brokers?
Our primary goal is helping your clients understand the vacation rental potential of their property and what is involved in effectively renting their home. Building a high performing rental takes a commitment from the homeowner and the right partnership with their property manager. Let us assist you in setting the proper expectations with your clients by providing more details about our leasing and management programs. For referrals into our fixed payment, we pay a referral fee based on a percentage of the gross amount of our contract with your client and in our commission-based program, we pay a flat fee based on the revenue potential of the property. California Vacation Villas only participates with managing brokers, not directly with agents.

-Do you protect our client relationship on future real estate transactions?
California Vacation Villas is committed to building southern California’s premier vacation home leasing and management business. As part of our referral agreement, we will not compete with you on future real estate transactions with the clients you refer us. Also as part of the agreement, we will require that your client’s property not is listed for sale during the term of our initial contract. Our goal is to create a lasting relationship with you and your client where we provide leasing and management services and you remain their real estate expert.

What is the best way to get information?
Send an email to quinn.tamm@californiavacationvillas.com Provide the property address and links to any current listings of the property for rent or lease. An estimate of any owner use and when that use typically occurs is also useful in providing a more detailed response on what the property owner could expect in annual net revenue.

Are you a Seller?
California Vacation Villas’ primary focus is leasing and managing vacation homes throughout southern California. We don’t currently list real estate for sale that is not currently under management. Our value is providing our homeowners and referral partners access to our over 7000 past guests when it comes time to sell their vacation rental. We can also provide valuable insight for prospective buyers on a home’s vacation rental potential. Most vacation homeowners lease property in the area they are looking to buy before they purchase. Let us connect you with those people.

-What is my home worth?
We are happy to discuss what your home value potentially might be and how it relates to its income potential. If you are looking to sell, we have multiple referral partners in a majority of the Coachella Valley communities that can provide you with more detailed information on your home’s value and marketing strategies to get it sold.

-Does leasing my property as a vacation rental make it worth less?
Certainly, we are biased in favor of the value rental income provides both during the time you own a vacation home and when you decide to sell it. We also believe that a property and/or community that allows individual owners to find the highest and best use for their properties. Our vacation homes see between 200-275 days of use per year which is much less than a full-time rental or owner occupied property. Also, our properties are professionally cleaned and inspected 40-60 times per year and are maintained in a manner that provides a quality stay experience for our guests and owners. When it comes time to sell, our inventory on average is better prepared to be marketed and has an established income history.