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California Vacation Villas

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Vacation Rental Leasing and Property Management Programs to Meet the Needs of a Variety of Homeowners

Fixed Payment Program

An ideal choice for property owners who prefer the stability of fixed monthly income on a year-round basis. In the fixed payment program, the property owner receives a monthly payment irrespective of what the property generates in rental revenue. Monthly payments are determined based on the size, location, and condition of the unit and its corresponding rental potential. The majority of the property owners in our fixed payment program are receiving a 3-7% cash-on-cash return. Contractual terms are 1-3 years.

Commission-Based Program

Designed for property owners looking for flexible owner use and comfortable with seasonal spikes and dips in rental revenue. Property owners pay a 20% commission on gross rental revenue. The scope and effectiveness of our marketing platform delivers results unmatched by owner-operators and our competitors. Enjoy exceptional net revenue from your vacation rental and an accessible, transparent owner portal all while having no handle none of the responsibility of leasing and managing your home.

Flexible Leasing Options for Your Needs

We offer two distinct vacation rental leasing options: fixed payment and commission-based payment. Our fixed payment option eliminates the downside risk of market fluctuations. By assigning a specific cost, you will receive a stable return from your vacation property without the hassle or expense of paying your utilities. Our commission-based program is designed for owners who don’t mind the variable/seasonal nature of revenue production.

Fixed Payment Leasing Program
– Guaranteed revenue from your vacation rental
– Stable monthly payment on a 1-3 year contract

Commission-Based Leasing Program
– Higher potential return on investment
– Maximized revenue across available dates

Superior Property Management

Our property management services combine superior service with the newest digital tools. To increase the value of your property, we implement modern digital marketing, pricing optimization, and a consistent guest experience. Our dynamic suite of vacation rental software manages and monitors our properties in real time driving revenue while also protecting your investment. By working with the top property management tools, we ensure your home stays cutting edge.

Highlighted Services
– Guest-facing mobile applications & real-time marketing
– In-house tablets with property and stay specific information
– Home automation that controls access, regulates HVAC, turns on/off lighting and monitors smoke and CO2 detectors
– Guest verification that includes a criminal, fraud, terrorist watch list, and Megan’s law background check.

The ultimate in vacation rental leasing and management services

As a homeowner in our management programs, you work directly with the owners of the company, Jelena and Quinn Tamm. We treat your property like we own it!

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Excellent partnerships with our property owners remains the foundation of our business. Having built California Vacation Villas from managing just our own vacation rental to a business with over 70 rental units handling 2500 guest stays per year, we understand the excitement and challenges of owning a vacation home. Contact us today to learn more about what solution we can provide for you!