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Frequently Asked Questions

California Vacation Villas offers homeowners two unique leasing models designed to fit their specific needs. Our vacation rentals produce above-market returns for their owners through robust marketing, pricing optimization, and a consistent guest experience. Our dynamic suite of vacation rental software manages and monitors our properties in real time driving revenue while protecting our properties. From guest facing mobile applications to home automation to owner facing status management, we understand the strategies to make your vacation home a high producing rental for as long as you own it. Fill out our Vacation Rental Income Evaluation to find out how much revenue your vacation home could start producing.

  • What leasing program is right for me?

    Both programs are designed to provide above-market returns to our homeowners. The fixed payment is great for homeowners looking a stable return from their vacation rental without the hassle or expense of paying their utilities. The fixed payment program eliminates the downside risk of any market changes affecting the revenue potential of their property and assigns a specific cost to any owner use. The commission-based program is excellent for owners who don't mind the variable/seasonal nature of revenue production and that want to capture any upside their property might produce above projections. Owner and guest of owner use are more flexible but will still have a negative impact on income potential.

  • What is different about your company?

    We have the most robust set of systems of any vacation rental property management company in Southern California! Marketing across all major vacation rental platforms in real-time. Guest verification that includes a criminal, fraud, terrorist watch list, and Megan's law background check. Home automation that controls access, regulates HVAC, turns on/off lighting and monitors smoke and CO2 detectors. Status management that schedules housekeeping, inspections and maintenance with owner notifications. Guest management including a mobile application and in-house tablets with property and stay specific information. Local ownership who deals directly with our homeowners.

  • If there is a problem, who deals with it?

    As a homeowner, you only deal with our staff if a problem arises through renting your property. California Vacation Villas handles all guest and vendor interaction acts as your agent marketing and leasing the property, maintaining its condition and complying with short-term ordinances and regulations. Depending on the nature of any issue, you will work with the appropriate member of our staff to resolve it.

  • What if I have existing reservations?

    We can generally accommodate existing reservations in each of our management programs. Don't hesitate to contact us because you or your existing manager has reservations you want to honor. In our fixed payment program, we will evaluate the potential revenue loss relative to income generated by the existing reservation. In our commission program, we consider the gross revenue potential a property presents in a given year and how any existing reservations effect that potential.

  • Can I take reservations on my own?

    California Vacation Villas will have an exclusive right to lease and manage your vacation rental. We do not co-lease/manage our properties with other rental agencies or homeowners. Our marketing and guest management platforms rely on accurate and reliable availability and consistency throughout the guest stay experience. We want our services and motivation to align with our property owners to deliver a high-quality, well-maintained vacation rental experience, not compete with it.

Fixed Payment Program

Looking for a guaranteed revenue from your vacation rental? Our fixed payment program provides a stable monthly payment on a 1-3 year contract eliminating the risk and worry of when and how much revenue your vacation rental is going to produce. In addition to consistent income, California Vacation Villas takes over and pays (at our expenses) all of your utilities (electric, gas, water), cable and internet, pest control and all city licensing fees. There is no restriction on owner use and California Vacation Villas will typically invest in a portion of the repairs, improvements and replacements in your home after the first year of management.

  • As the homeowner, what am I responsible for paying?

    The homeowner is responsible for paying their property taxes, homeowner's association dues/fees/assessments, homeowner's insurance and mortgage (if applicable). The homeowner is also responsible for landlord related repair expenses related to keeping the property in a rent-ready condition. Depending on the condition and age of the property including major appliances and the HVAC system, California Vacation Villas will typically share in a portion of the repair/improvement/replacement costs during the term of the contract. The homeowner is no longer responsible for utilities or any expense related to marketing the property or managing the guest experience.

  • What if I want to use the property?

    Owner use is deducted from the fixed monthly payment in the month following the owner stay. There no restrictions on owner use but owner stays are subject to availability of the property. The cost of pre-determined dates can be established in the initial contract or owner use is charged at 85% of our posted rate at the time it is booked. The 15% owner discount can be enjoyed across our entire portfolio of vacation rentals.

  • What happens after the contract ends?

    Our goal is to keep your property as a high-performing vacation rental for long as you own it and decide to rent. Prior to contract expiration, we will contact you with a renewal offer based on the performance of the property and our expectation for future revenue. The majority of our owners have benefited from a 3-7% increase in year over year revenue and/or a contribution from us to improve the condition of their property. We are as invested as our homeowners in above-market returns for their vacation homes in addition to maintaining and improving the property.

Commission-Based Program

Our commission-based leasing program provides vacation home owners a flexible management option more accommodating to owner use but with wider swings and more risk in revenue production. As with our fixed payment program, we will maximize revenue across available dates but owner revenue will be variable based on the seasonality of the market. Owners are also more subject to economic and demand factors effecting the vacation rental market but will see no defined income reduction for owner use.

  • What charges should I expect as a commissioned-based property owner?

    We charge an 20% commission on the gross rent of every reservation. On reservations where California Vacation Villas is the merchant of record, there is a 2.5% charge on credit card payments. There is also a $20-40 stocking fee per booking depending on the maximum occupancy and number of bathrooms. There are no other charges related to reservations outside of owner use. Overall, owners can expect to net around 77% of their gross annual rent.

  • Are there any restrictions on owner use?

    No. However, based on the size, location and nature of your property; we will require that available dates have the potential to produce $20,000-80,000 in gross annual rental revenue. This would likely limit owner use during high-season dates to 30-60 days. We want our owners to use and enjoy their homes but also want to ensure the relationship produces adequate revenue for them to justify renting the property while covering our costs to lease and manage the home.

  • How often do I get paid?

    Our commission-based owners get paid on the 15th of every month for the previous month's check-outs. They receive a detailed statement outlining gross rent and charges related to the rentals and property management. The statements also provide a year-to-date summary and upcoming reservations. Owners can also access an owner web portal which allows them to reserve their property for owner use, look at past and future reservations and view statements and service orders. The owner portal is maintained in real time.

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